When I traveled…

When I travelled, I experienced a freedom. A freedom which was so empowering and a feeling I almost néeded in life…. For years I did it, sometimes for months, sometimes for weeks, but I just had to go and explore, as soon as I could! It made me feel alive, my soul was dancing while traveling.
And these travels opened my eyes on so many ways. As an 18 year old I got to taste literally and figurally the other side of the world. It was the start of my wings which had to be spread and opened in life!

And now, I am so grateful with these experiences and memories. I have been very lucky, to be able to have been to so many beautiful places.
There has been a stop on traveling for some time now, and I actually choose to stop for a while myself as well. To ground, and stop me from flying for ever! And maybe exhaust myself while doing so. In the end, I exhausted myself anyhow, kind of… 😉

My travels have changed, and they have never stopped…I realised. Cause they went from traveling on the outside to travelling on the inside. And boy, what surroundings did I encounter!
From rough, unbearable and wild nature to soft and smooth surfaces. I have seen the world and the universe in many corners. And struggled up a cliff, a mountain, almost fell in some glacier holes, but I also rode a wave or two, snorkled in deep blue waters of my being and saw the most amazing colours and views I have ever seen!

I decided never to stop traveling! Because all of these travels made me richer every time.
I am very sure that more travels will follow, and I will embrace them with all my hart, the ones that hurt as well as the gorgeous paradises.
As long as my heart is with me, I will be able go on any journey and know I will always make my way home.

Cause home, is where the heart (and soul) is….




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